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A Platinum Opportunity?

A Platinum Opportunity?

A share tip circled in a newspaper share listingPlatinum miners have been through the mill over the last year, shedding shareholder equity, battling strikes and rising costs and dealing with the political and infrastructure problems inherent in operating in South Africa.

As if that wasn’t enough, the price of platinum has fallen and the world market is currently in surplus, meaning that some platinum mines have been producing platinum at a loss.

It’s clearly a situation that can’t last and the miners are finally beginning to do something about it, cutting various combinations of costs, production and investment from their operations.

I recently took a look at the world’s four biggest platinum miners to see if any of them looked remotely like attractive investments — or recovery plays.

Three of the four failed to make the grade, but one share did stand out as a good candidate for a recovery — but to find out which one, you’ll have to take a look at the full article, which is published on the Motley Fool website.

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