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Activist Gyllenhammar Takes 12% Stake In Trap Oil Group PLC: Time For Action?

Activist Gyllenhammar Takes 12% Stake In Trap Oil Group PLC: Time For Action?

Oil rigs in North SeaInvestors in Trap Oil Group PLC (LON:TRAP) may have noticed heavy trading in the firm’s shares over the last fortnight.

The upshot of it is that non-executive director Miles Newman has halved his 10% holding to 5.11%, and JPMorgan Asset Managment has reduced its holding to below 5%, while well-known Swedish activist investor Peter Gyllenhammar, who is a small cap specialist, has taken a 12% stake in the firm.

Unlocking Trapoil’s value?

Gyllenhammar’s modus operandi is to take a major stake in underperforming small caps and then, often, to secure a seat on the board and start encouraging the management to deliver. In the case of Trapoil, the hidden value is clear: according to the firm’s most recent update, it has £16m of cash and holds 4.1m shares in IGas Energy plc which are worth almost £5m at the time of writing.

In other words, Trapoil’s £21m market cap is completely covered by cash and the value of its IGas shares. The market is currently attaching zero value to Trapoil’s ongoing revenues from its 15% stake in Athena, and no value to its portfolio of North Sea licences and proven discoveries.

Gyllenhammar clearly believes, as I do, that there is some value in Trapoil, and it’s about time the management showed shareholders how they intend to realise some of this value. In my view, Gyllenhammar’s involvement is a positive development that should stabilise the firm’s share price, and hopefully lead to some more concrete progress in developing or monetising Trapoil’s assets.

I continue to hold.

Update 07/04/2013: Since I wrote this post in February, Peter Gyllenhammar has continued to acquire Trapoil shares and now owns 15.1% of the company. No doubt he has already made his number with the firm’s board … The first clues of any changes may be in the final results, which should be due very soon (they were published on 28 March in 2013).

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