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Can National Grid plc continue to hammer the FTSE?

Can National Grid plc continue to hammer the FTSE?

Electricity pylonsDespite their reputation as boring, pseudo-bond investments that are only suitable for income investors, utilities can give shareholders a fairly lively ride — if your timing is good.

National Grid plc (LON:NG) is a case in point: the grid operator’s shares have delivered an average annual total return of 11% per year for the last ten years — hammering the FTSE 100 Total Return index, which has only managed just over 7% per year during the same period (Morningstar data).

There’s no doubt National Grid has been a stunning investment and its 5% yield remains attractive, albeit less so now that the dividend is only keeping pace with inflation, rather than bounding ahead of it.

Given all of this, I think a case can be made for selling National Grid. I’ve explored this subject in more depth in a new article for the Motley Fool, which you can read here.

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