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Has the Afren Plc sell-off been overdone?

Has the Afren Plc sell-off been overdone?

Offshore oil or gas platformShares in Afren Plc (LON:AFR) have fallen by 71% this year. I’m sure that all shareholders are familiar with the reasons why — management fired for taking backhanders and a falling oil price — but it’s starting to look to me as though this sell-off may have been overdone.

It’s worth remembering that unlike some of its peers, Afren has a highly cash-generative business with some solid producing assets.

In a new article for the Motley Fool this morning, I took a closer look at Afren’s valuation, the costs and profitability of its production assets, and the factors that could trigger a sharp re-rating of the firm’s share price over the next couple of quarters, including the potential for a takeover bid.

Although risks remain, I concluded that there is good reason for optimism, and I would urge shareholders or potential investors to take a closer look. You can read the full article here.

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