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Proposed BHP demerger should be good for shareholders

Proposed BHP demerger should be good for shareholders

An open-cast coal mineIn a new article for the Motley Fool today, I’ve taken a look at the proposed demerger of BHP’s Billiton assets, in the form of the giant miner’s aluminium, manganese, nickel and selected coal operations.

I reckon that it should work well for shareholders in the short and medium terms, as I explain in today’s article.

Update 19/08/2014: Details of the spin-off were announced today, and while the assets to be disposed of were as expected — aluminium, manganese, nickel, silver/lead plus some coal — the deal was not as expected.

There’s to be no cash return or buyback, instead BHP shareholders will be issued pro-rata with 100% of the stock of the new company, which will be listed Down Under with a secondary listing in Johannesburg plus ADRs. That’s gone down like a lead balloon here in Blighty, where neither private nor institutional shareholders are overjoyed at the idea of being given foreign shares to hold or sell, according to their mandate and/or preferences.

To add insult to injury, BHP’s full-year results, also published today, missed expectations slightly — although they were healthy enough. More details in my write-up for the Motley Fool.

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