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Shire PLC vs. AbbVie Inc: this could get messy

Shire PLC vs. AbbVie Inc: this could get messy

Pills or drugs in a bottleLast week, I penned an article for the Motley Fool suggesting that shareholders should heed the lessons of the AstraZenecaPfizer takeover battle, and should sell their Shire PLC (LON:SHP) shares while the going was good — at AbbVie‘s offer price, except in cash, rather than cash plus US shares.

My view was that it was greedy and highly speculative to wait for a higher offer from AbbVie, and that Shire’s share price was likely to fall heavily if AbbVie’s efforts eventually failed (the deadline for a firm offer is July 18).

Today saw AbbVie increase their offer to 11%, but to my not-especially-great surprise, Shire’s share price actually fell, ending the day nearly 3% lower.

Why was this? In a new opinion piece for the Motley Fool, I explain why — and reiterate my view that after such a strong performance, with a bid premium on top, Shire shares are a strong sell.

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