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Things Aren't Getting Better At Petropavlovsk PLC

Things Aren't Getting Better At Petropavlovsk PLC

A tunnel in a gold mineIf you want to see what happens when a leveraged bet on commodity prices goes wrong, look no further than Petropavlovsk PLC (LON:POG).

Peter Hambro’s Russian gold miner is hemmed in on all sides by the constraints imposed by its mountainous debts — with the added spice of having to deal with the capital-raising restrictions of current western sanctions against Russia.

The firm’s share price can fairly be described as option money, but so it should be: Petropavlovsk’s directors now work for the firm’s lenders, not its shareholders — a situation I can’t see changing anytime soon.

In a new article for the Motley Fool today, I took a closer look at the (horrendous) numbers in today’s half-year results and what they could mean for shareholders.

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