About me

My name is Roland Head. I've worked full time as an freelance investment writer and analyst since 2012. Prior to investment writing, my professional background was as an engineer working in IT and telecoms.

I'm a keen private investor, investing exclusively in the UK stock market. My main focus is equity income.

My investing approach is built around a stock screening system I have developed to filter and score UK dividend shares. I use this as the starting point for my investment choices, before applying additional research and analysis.

On this website, I run a newsletter service tracking the progress of my quality dividend model portfolio. This strategy is intended to offer a blend of above-average yield and long-term growth.

The model portfolio largely mirrors my own personal portfolio and accounts for the majority of my personal investments.

I hope that my commentary and investing progress will be of interest to other investors, but I should emphasise that I do not provide financial advice or recommendations.

Disclaimer: all content is provided for information and educational purposes only and is intended for self-advised investors.

My work can also be found on websites including Stockopedia, where I've run a successful rules-based model portfolio since 2016.

I also manage a large-cap high yield model portfolio on the Investor's Champion website.

I hold the CFA UK Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and have passed the CFA Level 1 exam.

If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me through the contact page or via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Roland Head

Disclaimer: All content provided on this website is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. This website does not provide investment advice or recommendations. You should research all investment decisions yourself and not rely upon information provided on this website. If you are unable to do this you should seek professional advice from a registered financial adviser.