The Firing Room – Professional Writing Services

I’m a published, professional freelance writer – I stake my reputation and my income on my writing – every day.

Joined-Up Writing

Although writing is a specialized skill, it doesn’t exist in isolation – whether it’s search engine optimization, improving conversions or filling an awkward-sized space in a magazine, every type of freelance writing has a context, a purpose – a business – behind it.

That’s where joined-up writing comes in.

Of course I’ll provide you with high quality and well-researched writing – that’s a starting point. What I can also offer is the experience needed to understand your underlying needs:

  • What your business model is
  • Why you need my writing
  • How you’ll use my writing
  • What you need from me.

After all, what kind of writer do you want? Someone who needs to be spoon-fed and can’t be trusted to deliver on time, or someone who will deliver high quality work, on time and to budget, without needing excessive direction? Someone who takes your business seriously and wants it to succeed.

I can give you these benefits, and combine them with original, well-researched and compelling writing – whatever its purpose.

My experience is as varied as it is useful, giving me a rich set of resources to draw on and enabling me to adapt quickly and efficiently to new challenges.

Here’s a breakdown of the background knowledge and experience I bring to my writing:

  • Commercial pre-press and publishing experience (business directories)
  • Online marketing experience (my own online businesses)
  • Large-scale IT and engineering experience in a corporate environment (global telecommunications company)
  • Sales experience (antiques dealer)
  • Customer service experience (show me a job where this is not important!)

As well as all that, I have a Masters degree, and have lived, worked and travelled in much of Europe and Asia.

All this experience – combined with great writing skills – is the reason I can offer you joined-up writing – professional writing that truly adds value to your business.

If you think I might be able to help you, then get in touch now to explore the possibilities – whether you have a detailed specification or just a vague idea, a large project or a small one, I’d love to try and help you move forwards.