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Shares Podcast: ITV with Maynard Paton & Roland Head

I've recorded a podcast with Maynard Paton discussing ITV (LON:ITV) shares. The stock's 6% dividend yield is an obvious temptation, but we discuss broader reasons why the shares might be undervalued.
Shares Podcast: ITV with Maynard Paton & Roland Head
Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

I recently recorded a podcast on FTSE 250 television group ITV (LON: ITV) with my friend and fellow private investor Maynard Paton.

In this new podcast, we talked through my investment case for the business and discussed the stock's modest valuation and 6% dividend yield.

As usual, Maynard applied his forensic skills to ITV's accounts and revealed one or two potential pitfalls for investors.

The topics we discussed included:

  • Why ITVX attracts far more UK viewers than any of the big streaming services
  • Why I don't think the big US streamers can ever kill UK television
  • ITV's mixed financial track record and recent dividend cuts
  • The international growth potential of the ITV Studios production business
  • How you can advertise on ITV from just £6!
  • ITV's ongoing transition from broadcast TV to digital streaming, plus the surprise profit performance of BritBox
  • Whether the company's Planet V digital advertising platform could become a valuable source of additional earnings
  • Why I'm convinced the market is undervaluing ITV
  • ITV's hefty legacy pension scheme and its ongoing deficit
  • Is ITV's current strategy the right approach to the challenges it's facing ...?
  • ... and is the pay package of Dame Carolyn McCall fairly linked to company performance?
  • Finally, would Maynard or I buy ITV shares today?

This podcast was recorded on 29 March 2023.

Disclosure: Roland owns shares in ITV.

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