Podcast: Telecom Plus (LON:TEP) with Maynard Paton & Roland Head

I've recorded a podcast with Maynard Paton discussing Telecom Plus (LON:TEP) shares. After a 25% share price drop, is it time to buy?

Podcast: Telecom Plus (LON:TEP) with Maynard Paton & Roland Head
Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

I've just recorded a podcast about FTSE 250 dividend share Telecom Plus (LON: TEP) with my friend and fellow private investor Maynard Paton.

Telecom Plus owns the Utility Warehouse business and has an enviable 25-year track record of growth.

The company's recent performance has been very strong, but the share price has now fallen by 25% from December's record high of £24. Is now the right time to buy?

You can also listen to this recording on the Private Investor's Podcast website or using the following links:

In this recording, Maynard and I discuss a number of important topics for investors who might be thinking about buying the stock:

  • The multi-level marketing business model that lies behind Utility Warehouse's 25-year growth story
  • Why Utility Warehouse is not a pyramid scheme!
  • TEP's 12-bagging history of share price growth – and the stock's recent 25% slump
  • 24% annualised customer growth and profits up almost 50%...
  • Management are targeting one million extra customers in five years – is this realistic?
  • A dividend that's risen by 14% per year since 2007 and could provide a 5% yield next year
  • An £84m founder share sale just as the market peaked in December...
  • The stock's current valuation and the price at which I might buy
  • Plus... is the Utility Warehouse business model about to change?
  • ... and would either of us buy Telecom Plus shares today?

This podcast was recorded on 28 February 2023.

I hope you enjoy listening. As always please let me know what you think in the comments below or by getting in touch with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Disclosure: at the time of publication, Roland did not own shares in Telecom Plus.

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