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Apr '24 dividend portfolio update: mixed results

I review April updates from six of my portfolio companies, including a small-cap asset manager and two FTSE 100 dividend stocks.
Apr '24 dividend portfolio update: mixed results

Welcome back to my monthly newsletter, in which I review results and trading updates issued by the UK dividend stocks in my portfolio over the last month.

This month's edition has something of a consumer bias, but still covers a fairly diverse range of stocks:

  • 2 FTSE 100 shares
  • 2 FTSE 250 shares
  • 1 AIM dividend stock
  • 1 Main Market-listed small cap

In terms of sector coverage, this sextet includes three defensive consumer stocks, one retailer, one asset manager and one technology stock.

Four of these shares offer a forecast dividend yield of 5% or more.

Four of them have founder or significant insider ownership (not the same four!).

Finally, one of these six companies has just announced plans that could lead to significant asset sales, potentially benefiting shareholders.

Disclaimer: Please note that my comments reflect my personal views and are not investment advice or recommendations. Please do your own research or seek professional advice. Full disclaimer here.

In this month's report...

These six updates highlight some macro headwinds and company-specific concerns. But they also reveal signs of progress, I think.

On balance, I feel that the recent performance and current valuation of several of these companies highlights the value available in UK stocks right now. That's my personal view, anyway – I am pretty much fully invested at the moment.

As always, please read on and form your own views. Feel free to drop a comment below or contact me directly with any thoughts.

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