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Mar '24 dividend portfolio update: 10 results + one new stock

March was a busy month for results from my UK dividend share portfolio. I've also decided to replace one stock with a new purchase.
Mar '24 dividend portfolio update: 10 results + one new stock
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Welcome back to my monthly newsletter, in which I review results and trading updates issued by the UK dividend stocks in my portfolio over the last month.

This month's edition includes my thoughts on updates from no fewer than 10 companies, due to March's busy reporting schedule.

I've also reiterated details of the stock sale and new purchase I discussed in my recent update for subscribers, "New stock: a UK business with a 35-year dividend history and 5% yield".

In this month's report

March was a bumper month for results, so I apologise for the length of this report.

As always, I've included a short summary of my thoughts on each company's results at the top of this section.

Disclaimer: Please note that my comments reflect my personal views and are not investment advice or recommendations. Please do your own research or seek professional advice. Full disclaimer here.

Click on the links or scroll down to read the full review for each company:

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