Nov '23 dividend portfolio update: risks and opportunities

Results from my dividend portfolio in November included FTSE 100 firm that issued a profit warning and another whose share price reached a new all-time high.

Nov '23 dividend portfolio update: risks and opportunities
Photo by Walter Matty on Unsplash

Welcome to my review of November's news and results from companies in my model dividend portfolio.

Last month's news flow came from seven different companies and was something of a mixed bag.

One FTSE 100 member in my portfolio warned on profits, while another reached an all-time high.

Meanwhile, one of my small caps has become exposed to some new external risks that could hit future earnings.

It wasn't all drama, though. Several of my companies reported solid trading in line with expectations. Some of these firms have already seen their share prices recover somewhat from the weakness we've seen this year.

I'm not planning any immediate changes to the portfolio following these results, but there are one or two areas I'll be watching more closely.

In this month's report:

Here's a summary of the company results covered in this report, with a link to each section:

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