Jan '24 dividend portfolio update: (mostly) good news

Eight of the companies in my dividend portfolio issued updates in January. I review all of these, plus a ninth company that's causing concern.

Jan '24 dividend portfolio update: (mostly) good news
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January has been a busy month for company news. No fewer than eight of my stocks have issued updates since the New Year.

The majority of these seem positive to me, or at least broadly as expected. However, one company issued a profit warning, while results from a second triggered an earnings downgrade.

I cover all eight of these in this month's report.

I've also taken a look at a ninth company whose shares have fallen sharply on fears of regulatory action. I've received several questions about this business from subscribers, so have provided a summary of my view and any action I plan to take.

As always, please note that my comments reflect my views only as they relate to my personal investments. They are not intended as advice or recommendations – please do your own research or seek professional advice if unsure.

In this month's report

This is a lengthy report, but as always I've started with a short summary of my thoughts on each company.

Click on the links or scroll down to read the full review for each company:

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